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Valorant Adds “Spike Rush,” to Add Deathmatch Next

  • VALORANT developer Jared Berbach announces “Spike Rush” deathmatch mode
  • Community members will get to determine what new modes will come to the game
  • Developers are ready to listen to any suggestion that the bulk of players approve of

Riot Games plans to introduce a new “deathmatch-like” mode to Valorant. Developers urge the community to tip them off as to what modes they want to see next.

Deathmatch Comes to Valorant to Stay

Riot Games is upping the ante for its debutant fantasy shooter game, VALORANT, with a new deathmatch mode on the way. Combining elements of epic melees seen in other games recently, not least Warzone and Fortnite, a death match brawl has been up on players’ wishlist.

As one of the defining modes in the first-person shooter genre, this is not at all surprising. Deathmatch allows players to warm-up before important games or just enjoy a more casual gameplay.

The competitive element has been touted in Valorant, there is no doubt about that, and a big driver of interest in the upcoming mode has been the esports community. Here is what Jared Berbach, Riot Games’ game mode lead said in a tweet revealing the information:

Berbach definitely gave reasons for optimism, arguing that he couldn’t comment on a launch date, as one wasn’t set. Yet, he confirmed that the mode was coming nevertheless. “We’re starting to build out some of the necessary technology we’d need to support a Deathmatch-type mode,” he added.

The mode will be more than a mere blip on the radar, and become a permanent part of the landscape. Riot has similarly urged the community to voice its opinions about upcoming game modes and share with the developers what players would love to see.

Inviting players to ride shotgun as the game evolves is definitely a positive sign in the development process and hopefully one that will last.

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