Valorant concept art from the game by Riot Games.

Valorant Clocked 148.7M Hours Watched on Twitch in a Week

  • Valorant has accumulated 148.7 hours watched within a week on Twitch
  • This is more than the 123.2 million hours for League of Legends for an entire month
  • Valorant has the trappings of a long-term project that will sustain a vibrant community for years to come

Riot Games’ ambitious new shooter, Valorant, has all the markings of a great esports title. And so far, the game has managed to amass 148.7 million hours watched on Twitch within a week.

Valorant Continues to Break Twitch Records with 148.7M Hours Watched

Riot Games’ fantasy shooter Valorant, has pulled a steady viewership on Twitch, with some 1.7 million concurrent viewers tuning in last Tuesday to get a fresh glimpse of the game. One of the reasons why viewership was so high was Riot Games’ foresight in the matter. Currently running as a closed beta, Valorant is not available to the broader public. At least not as something you can play – hanker after, sure, but not play.

Yet, there are various ways to pick a key to the game by tuning in to the official stream, for example, after you have linked your accounts between Twitch and

The limited access aside, Valorant is setting new viewership records, clocking just shy of 148.7 million of watched hours within a week. Most previous records were set by popular games such as Dota 2 and CS: GO with around 30 to 40 million hours watched. Even League of Legends was watched 123.2 million hours in March, 2020 according to Newzoo.

Smoking Apex Legends and on par with Fortnite

The game has beaten that modest estimate five-fold, driving numbers similar to Tyler “Ninjas” Blevins explosive arrival in Epic Games’ Fortnite. Apex Legends even used Ninja to drive viewership to the game, but the retention rate proved not quite as robust as developers expected.

Carried on the back of Ninja’s fame, Apex managed to notch up 123 million hours watched. Of course, Valorant’s own break-neck viewership speed isn’t a sure-formula for success and the game may yet see a tumble in viewership.

A part of this decline in the ratings would be due to many people switching to the game instead of just watching Valorant tournaments on Twitch, for example. And speaking of tournaments, T1 and 100 Thieves are already hosting one each.

100 Thieves tournament runs today and T1’s will take place on Thursday. Having established esports powerhouses join the Valorant rush has also helped with the numbers.

Most importantly to any game is to cultivate a community that see it as a long-term endeavor. Although players will move on to other games, Valorant will have a sustainable and huge community.

As developers have said themselves, they are going to let Valorant develop at an organic pace. And that is what guarantees long-term success. Not least, Riot Games has extensive experience in running esports competitions, and Valorant will only stand to benefit from that.

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