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Ubisoft to Address R6 Siege Community Problems

  • Ubisoft has updated the community, saying an upcoming Status Report is now pending
  • In the Report, Ubisoft will address some concerns the community has brought up
  • This includes cheating, abuse of systems and changes to the esports format

Ubisoft has long promoted Rainbow: Six Siege as a community-driven project, and the latest response to problems flagged by players is a proof of that. Some issues have been raised by the community, and the company will now seek to provide detailed explanation.

Those issues mostly have to do with the renewed R6 esports format, which has ruffled some feathers within the community. Ubisoft reported that it would release a so-called Status Report that will highlight priority topics for the game.

The company acknowledged and thanked the continuous support and involvement on behalf of players. Ubisoft said that with the community’s participation, R6 could reach its full potential. While Ubisoft was prepared to give full disclosure, it cautioned that some of the concerns of the community might take a while to be addressed fully and properly. The full statement read:

“We are preparing to release a Status Report to give some insight into a large number of priority topics that are important to the community. We hear you, and see your passion and love for Siege. Your feedback is and always has been critical to us — we all want Siege to be the best it can be.”

Addressing Fraudulent Activities and Cheating

Just like any vibrant community would have it, Rainbow players have been unhappy with reports about system abuse and cheating. The complaints even extended to gameplay changes.

This has occasioned a torrent of criticism on community boards as well as Reddit. In turn, the problems have caught the eye of developers who have been prompt with a response. Although this may not seem like much to an outsider, Rainbow Six: Siege is a successful esports title. However, the game is very dependent on its community for growth.

Ubisoft has been defending Rainbow Six: Siege both in terms of building it as a fully-fledged esports product, but also from reported identity theft. Recently, the company launched a complaint against Apple and Google for proliferating an R6 on their official store.

Meanwhile, the European esports scene will be kicking off on June 22, the company reported in a previous update yesterday.

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