Concept art from Prisma Dimensions, Ubisoft's new BR game

Ubisoft Reveals Prisma Dimensions, A New F2P Battle Royale

  • Ubisoft launches a new website for its new battle royale game, Prisma Dimensions AKA Hyper Scape
  • The full information about the title will be revealed on July 2 with the open beta reportedly arriving on July 12
  • Hyper Scape will be a battle royale free-to-play game supporting cross-platform play

Hyper Scape AKA Prisma Dimensions is Ubisoft’s latest futuristic battle royale shooter that will be free to play. The open beta should arrive on July 12.

Battle Royale Game by Ubisoft, Prisma Dimensions Incoming

Ubisoft has put a lot of effort in bringing Rainbow Six Siege up to competitive speed. As a result, the game has enjoyed some popularity and success. Ubisoft may be shifting this success story to a new title now, with another entrant into the Battle Royale genre, esports insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau said in a Tweet.

The company is reportedly releasing Hyper Scape, a game still in development and carrying the codename of “Prisma Dimensions,” Slasher informed. Known behind successful franchises as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and no least, Rainbow Six, Ubisoft has the development savvy to dedicate the resource for a new project.

The game will reportedly support cross-play from the very start. You could call cross-play one of the staples of any game that wants to be popular with the community these days. Better yet, Prisma Dimensions’ website has been officially released.

Sign Up for the Open Beta on July 12

Interested players may already sign up, and get a chance to be among the first to get a glimpse of “the neon-drenched streets of the world’s premiere virtual city,” the website has informed.

According to Slasher, the game is an “AAA multiplayer fast-paced FPS battle royale.” If his information is correct, the game will also be a free-to-play option, which will fall in line with the current trend in esports and video games to create high-quality F2P titles.

The full world of Hyper Space is going to be unveiled on July 2, the official website now informs, with the expected public beta kicking off on July 12. The date coincides with the Summer Game Fest, Ubisoft Forward.

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