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Twitch Launches Its Esports Hub to Offer a Better Streaming Service

  • Twitch adds a tweak to its streaming platform, offering a new hub dedicated to esports
  • The hub will focus on esports players, tournaments, and teams
  • Twitch has recently tied-up two three-year milestone deals with ESL and DreamHack becoming the organizations’ global digital sponsor

The Amazon-owned giant, Twitch, has upped the ante on esports. The company now offers a dedicated “hub” for fans of competitive video gaming. There, esports enthusiasts can enjoy esports without any unrelated content.

Twitch Streamlines the Esports Experience

Twitch, a video streaming giant owned by Amazon and acquired for close to $1 billion, announced a new esports dedicated directory, designed to put a better focus on tournaments, teams and players.

With Esports Charts reporting hundreds of tournaments every month, and possibly thousands of matches taking place, Twitch’s dedicated esports directory aims to address a key problem in the industry – making sense of the informational overload.

The hub’s main goal, according to Twitch, is to make “the world of esports streaming more intuitive and accessible”.

Twitch’s esports hub will allow players to quickly navigate to live tournaments and check what teams and esports organizations are participating. You will get personalized recommendations in a Netflix-like fashion, based on your viewing history. On top of mainstream events, you will have an opportunity to delve deeper in sub-divisions and other off-beat competitions.

Making the esports streaming world more accessible and intuitive – Twitch

Twitch continues to expand the company’s footprint in esports. On Tuesday, April 28, Twitch signed a three-year sponsorship deal with ESL and DreamHack, becoming the official digital partner for both tournament hosts – on a global level.

As a result, Twitch will be involved in all flagship events held by both companies, including DreamHack Open, DreamHack Masters, ESL Pro Tour, ESL Pro League and Intel Extreme Masters, which was postponed this year.

A More Focused Approach and Room for Improvement

The esports hub is a more concentrated experience. The home page is the same as you would expect to find at the regular Twitch. The only key difference being that there is no unrelated content interfering with your viewing pleasure.

Twitch viewers can expect to find popular tournament such as ESL Katowice, League of Legends World Championship, The International, and Blast Pro Series first, but with some digging, smaller tournaments for Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile should also appear on your feed.

Competition in the streaming sector has intensified. Earlier this month, Facebook launched a dedicated app designed to improve the mobile gaming and streaming experience. Microsoft’s Mixer has also been trying to catch up to the market leaders, YouTube and Twitch.

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