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Twitch Continues to Ban Streamers over Sexual Misconduct

  • At least five casters have been permanently banned from Twitch over sexual misconduct
  • The majority have admitted guilt and apologized to the victims or trying to assign blame instead
  • Twitch is going to show “zero tolerance” towards proven abusers, examining each case individually

Long overdue, Twitch is finally starting to respond to reports about sexual misconduct. Streamer Amaz and BlessRNG have been both banned after provenly abusing or trying to abuse women.

Twitch Toughens Stance on Players Who Have Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

Twitch has faced a backlash over alleged inaction in cases where popular casters and content creators have made inappropriate advances against various individuals, most of whom were women. One such case involved Hearthstone player Amaz who is now accused of forcing a girl into a hot tub with other players.

Moving forward, though, Twitch won’t play nice, with the platform enforcing an unapologetic policy towards individuals who have provenly engaged in an inappropriate sexual behavior with others.

According to Rod “Slasher” Breslau, an industry insider, Twitch has long known about individual accidents, but it hadn’t mustered the courage to act promptly. Now, this is changing with the attention the issue is getting.

Expectedly, there has been some very strong pushback from personalities. Some have been passive as to what had happened, others denied it, and others still tried to whip up a tiny core of supporters to push back. BlessRNG, or Brad Jolly as he’s known, didn’t dismiss the accusations levied against him entirely, but he did try to shift guilt.

He accepted his guilty in the matter and was constraint of what had happened in the past. He was the first person to be permanently banned from Twitch, too, after an anonymous user shared a story where they found themselves in a hotel room with Brad Jolly, who tried to force himself on them.

The victim fled to the bathroom and begged BlessRNG to step away from the door. He conceded and spent the night in the other part of the hotel room. Jolly also tried to pardon his behavior by arguing that he felt the other party had been toxic and abusive, too.

Yet, his attempt to misplace guilt has backfired with people dismissing his position as narcissistic and self-serving. Earlier this week, Twitch content creators joined the Twitch Blackout Movement to send the paltform a very clear message that it must act on a variety of social issues – from sexism to racism, to sexual misconduct.

Twitch seems to finally be listening.

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