The official announcement of the eSports Pro League (ESPL) run by Michael Broda.

The ESPL Wants to Empower Amateur Esports Players

  • Former CEO Michael Broda reveals the eSports Pro League
  • ESPL will focus on mobile amateur esports
  • The League will kick off on February 2020 and later branch out into a media company

Former CEO Michael Broda is now spearheading a new mobile esports project that will allow amateur players to progress and hone their skills.

ESPL to Start with Mobile Tournament Structures

Attending the Esports Bar in Miami, eSports Pro League (ESPL) has announced a global tournament network as well as a media. The initiative will begin in Asia, and it will focus on national events as soon as 2020.

According to ESPL, the emphasis will be on amateur players who haven’t played competitive video gaming. With $2 million in raised funds, the League is onto a good thing. The main focus of the platform will be mobile esports, but PC and console gaming will be considered.

ESPL CEO Michael Broda said that the organization was focusing on national leagues first, and then moving onto more ambitious projects. Ultimately, the goal is to turn players from ‘bedroom to pro.’

The League will use an open-source platform. In turn, that structure will support a number of esports pillars, including tournaments, media, brands, teams, publishers and more. A total of 16 countries will become part of the list on three continents, including North America, Europe and Asia.

“This is a global project. We will build up with local partners, local tournament organizers, or, or even companies in particular countries if it makes sense. We see the infrastructure is missing and we see mobile games on the rise,” Broda said.

A Network of Local Partners

Instead of developing an independent network, ESPL will focus on partnering with local tournament companies. The team will only partner with companies that have experience in running such events. While the company hasn’t specified any games, ESPL expects Mobile Legends Bang Bang to make the list.

Specifically, the League won’t have ties with any publishers or games. ESPL is a project by Sedania Innovator Berhad, operating out of Malaysia, as well as iCandy Interactive and Broda himself, who previously served as Group CEO at

Broda expects the first season to start on February 2020 and run through December 2020. According to him, the League will focus on creating opportunities for upward mobility in amateur esports.

When he commented on the expansion into a media company, Broda said that the first priority was to create local tournament structures. After that, the company would focus on the media business.

Broda left, an esports reporting & cryptocurrency site that was caught in controversy on two separate occasions. First, Twin Galaxies reported that a freelance video editor for the website had not been paid – something that denied.

Most recently, a management decision in early 2019 led to the closure of most of the website’s multi-language support, leaving only the German content creators online.

Broda and his team will now be focusing on creating a welcoming competitive experience for everyone. 

While the news sounds exciting, the ESPL’s goals still lack clarity, and the project may disappear as quickly as it had appeared.

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