Swain, the Noxian general introduced by Riot Games for LoR

Swain, the FEARSOME, Noxian General Joins LoR

With 120 cards coming for Legends of Runeterra (LoR) official launch on April 30, Riot Games continues to excite with new card reveals. Today, Riot revealed the latest Noxus champion, Swain along with cool new spell cards to use in your Runeterra pursuit.

The newest arrivals don’t necessarily innovate the gameplay, sporting the familiar Fearsome and Overwhelm mechanics.

Yet, they give leeway to new strategies and will surely get players plotting. Legends of Runeterra players can now rely on clever new cards such as Imperial Demolitionist, Citybreaker and Noxain Fervor, among others. Shaping up as a nice, competitive esports digital card game, LoR is full of surprises!

Enter Swain, the FEARSOME Noxain General

Swain clearly hogs the light as a five-mana champion sporting a good 6 health points and 3 points in power. His special ability, Nexus Strike, allows him to unleash himself upon the Nexus, inflicting 3 damage points.

Upon delivering 12 non-combat damage, Swain reaches his Level Up form. Once there, he will Stun the Strongest backrow enemy. The levelled-up Swain also gains +1/+1 in attack and health respectively. And once he levels, Swain will now deal 3 damage to all enemies with Nexus Strike.


Unleash New and Powerful Spells

First on the row of new spells is Imperial Demolitionist a two-mana unit, 2/3 unit which, when summoned, can deal one damage to an allied unit or unleash two damage points on the enemy’s Nexus.

Clearly, ID is a good match with Swain under whose leadership, the Noxus take out the opponent’s Nexus before their forces have been rallied in full.

Next, comes Citybreaker, a four-mana unit with zero power and five health. Its unique ability kicks off at the beginning of each round, hurting the enemy’s Nexus for one damage every round.

Meanwhile, The Leviathan will cost you a good penny, being an eight-mana 5/8 unit. He comes with the keyword Overwhelm and an ability that draws Swain out of the deck. There is an additional ability that hurts the enemy’s Nexus by one three times at the beginning of each round.

The ability might look a little confusing at first but it can actually proc Swain’s stun effect on three separate occasions. This alone gives the Noxian armies the opportunity to unleash their fury and batter down the enemy’s Nexus unchallenged.

Ravenous Flock and Noxian Fervor

While at it, you might want to take a look at Ravenous Flock, which is a one-cost spell with four damage output. The effect only works on stunned or damaged units, however, so keep this in mind.

You can use this card to get Swain 1/3rd of the way to his Level Up form, so keep this in mind. Finally, there is Noxian Fervor which unleashes three damage to an ally unit and then forwards another three damage to anything on the field.

There are some synergies to be drawn here. Specifically with any regional cards that benefit from self-inflicted harm. Or, just as a condition to level up Swain and start dishing out some hurtful stuns!

It has been seven months since Riot Games unveiled LoR and we can’t see release in full.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games


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