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Riot Games Releases Esports Guidelines for VALORANT

  • Riot Games outlines VALORANT esports future
  • Third-party organizations invited to participate
  • Riot focused on nurturing a vibrant community

Riot Games has revealed more details about VALORANT’s esports future. After previously noting that the game will grow on its own, organic pace, the company confirmed that it will allow third-parties to host VALORANT tournaments under specific guidelines.

Cited by ESPN, Riot Games has said that it will rely on three core principle to develop VALORANT as a competitive title. Those include integrity, accessibility and authenticity. The competitive community will develop in a familiar 5-versus-5 format.

As mentioned in an interview with the media before, Riot Games wants to add a more “grassroots element.” Game developers Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler both confirmed their desire to see the game build up from the grounds up.

The organic pace of development aside, aspiring pro players will have a shot to progress through the ranks. Riot has added the VALORANT Community Competition Guidelines. The Guidelines sole purposes will be to assist anyone interested in coordinating grassroots tournaments and giving fans a place to shine, similar to how esports such as StarCraft, Warcraft 3 and Dota 2 developed over the years.

Nurturing a Solid Community, Giving Amateur Pros a Shot

The community-driven approach will be supervised by Whalen Rozelle who has met with 100 esports organizations to explain the details of VALORANT’s esports future. Rozelle was excited to present those plans to the community:

“We’re overwhelmed by the initial interest and excitement in VALORANT. We have massive dreams for what this game can be as an esport, and we’re excited to embark on this long esports journey with our players.”

Moving forward, Riot will focus on striking meaningful partnerships with tournament organizers, developers and content creators, as well as players. All with the sole purpose of building up the VALORANT ecosystem, Rozelle continued.

The VALORANT marketing efforts have focused on Twitch. Anyone who watches any of the Twitch streamers has a chance to win a beta code. Meanwhile, the viewership for the game has been outstanding. reported yesterday that VALORANT had clocked over 148.7 hours watched on Twitch within seven days between April 6April 12.

Before that, on April 7, VALORANT drew 1.7 million concurrent viewers, an overwhelming amount for any new game.

Yesterday’s 100 Thieves tournament was the first show event featuring various streamers, including the team’s founder Nadeshot. The event ran for 8 hours straight. It clocked 443,637 viewers and generating 2,968,559 watched hours on Twitch, data by revealed.

Now, a second tournament is on the cards. South Korean esports powerhouse T1 is taking matters in their hands tomorrow, Thursday, April 16.

The esports future of VALORANT looks promising.


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