Riot Games' announcement of new closed beta regions for Valorant

Riot Adds Korea, Brazil, LatAm to Valorant Closed Beta on May 5

In a quick update dropped on Friday, May 1, Riot Games revealed that it will add three new regions to Valorant. Starting on Tuesday, May 5, Brazil, Korea and Latin America will be joining.

Mexico will have to take a quick Sabbatical until May 9, however, before would-be Valorant players there get access. With everything looking good in both North American and Europe, Riot Games is stepping up its efforts in bringing the game up to speed on a global scale.

Commenting on the news, Anna Donlon, Valorant executive producer, said that the team was excited to see more players join:

“The Valorant team can’t wait to welcome new regions, fresh playstyles, and different perspectives into the mix.”

How to Get Access to Valorant in Brazil, Korea and LatAm?

Riot Games will stick to the same rules for distributing keys in the new regions as elsewhere. Players in the newly-added regions will be able to tune in and watch select Twitch broadcasts and streams as well as AfreecaTV for an opportunity to get an early access to the game.

Players will have to register a Riot account and connect it with their Twitch or/and Afreeca TV accounts. Once they do, all they have to do is watch streams and wait for the key to drop. The drop is fairly random, too, but with some consistency most players do get access.

Valorant is definitely onto a good thing. In terms of watched hours, the game continues to draw an impressive number of spectators, and Riot also released a ranked mode earlier this week.

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