The Rocket League's new The Field competitive mode

Psyonix Introduces The Field Competitive Format for Rocket League

  • The Field is a new competitive format inviting regular players to compete against professionals for monthly prize pools
  • Starting from August 1, all players will be split into three separate divisions with opportunities for everyone to progress or be relegated
  • The winner in Division I will receive $3,000 with eight team in Division III sharing a part of the prize

Psyonix has decided to empower the highest-ranking regular players in Rocket League and pit them against professional RL competitors in the new The Field competitive mode.

The Field, a New Competitive Esports Format Enters Rocket League

Rocket League is restarting its competitive format. Introduced by the game’s developer, Psyonix will now allow pros and high-skilled players to mingle. While most games necessarily draw a line between regular players and professionals, Psyonix wants to give high-skilled players a chance to test their skills against competitive organizations and pros who play Rocket League for a living.

Joining forces with Rival Esports, Psyonix will be pioneering The Field, the latest competitive initiative focusing on both North America and Europe. This will be a “consistent, competitive format,” Psyonix cautioned, making sure talented players will have the opportunity to hone their skills against the best.

The news coincides with a rumor that has been swirling for a while now. Rocket League wants to overhaul its entire competitive ecosystem, which features many high-school and college kids competing.

Moving forward, the Rocket League Championship Series and Rival Series teams will have a chance to win $10,000 in prize money every month, with $3,000 of this amount going to Division 1 winners. The renewed season will kick off on August 1, introducing The Field competitive format.

What Does The Field Mode Mean?

For players who have soared through the ranks, The Field is an opportunity to land into the same lobby with professional players as soon as they obtain the necessary Grand Champion rank in the Standard Ranked Playlist.

Division I will be reserved for Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) teams but anyone else will be able to participate in Division II and Division III on the condition they have the necessary rank or are part of the Rival Series.

All teams start with 1000 Ladder Points they can add to or lose depending on their performance. All matches will be played in a BO5 format. Psyonix has also tried to divvy up the prize pool in a way that stimulates most of the top-seeded teams. The prize pools are as follows:

Division I:

  • First Place: $3,000
  • Second Place: $1,750
  • Third Place: $1,250
  • Fourth Place: $1,000

Division II:

  • First Place: $750
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $400
  • Fourth Place: $350

Division III:

  • First Place: $200
  • Second Place: $150
  • Third Place: $125
  • Fourth Place: $125
  • Fifth Place: $100
  • Sixth Place: $100
  • Seventh Place: $100
  • Eighth Place: $100

Image credit: Psyonix

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