Omeed Dariani Steps Down from CEO Position over Sexual Harassment

  • Online Performers Group CEO steps down over sexual harassment allegations
  • Omeed Dariani, the executive, responds sarcastically to Molly Ayla, the alleged victim
  • Now 50 OPG customers have cut ties with the company out of a 73-customer list

Molly Ayla’s story about the now former OPG CEO, Omeed Dariani, has highlighted a problem within the gaming industry where men in power have made inappropriate advances at female employees.

OPG CEO’s Sexual Misconduct Sabotages the Company

Omeed Dariani, the CEO of Online Performers Group, has stepped down over alleged sexual harassment claims from female employees. The company has already lost streaming talent in the faces of Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell and Roberto “Towelliee” Garcia and 48 other clients who have severed ties with OPG as soon as the allegations were released to the public.

On June 20, Molly Ayla, an Overwatch Community Development Lead, published a tweet in which she outlined how Dariani allegedly made uncalled advances on her. Dariani, at one point while he and Ayala were working at Sony Online Entertainment, suggested that advancing her career might be contingent on sleeping with “some of the men at her company.”

He further explained that it was the surest way to advance in an industry dominated by males. It was a small industry, Dariani argued, based on friendships and relationships. He further added that Ayala could just as easily be blacklisted if she didn’t do the “right thing.”

Dariani Misses His Chance to Redeem Himself

Dariani had grown even bolder, propositioning Ayala twice, which she turned down. While allegations in the #Me2 age could be a little difficult to accept at face value, Dariani went further to respond to a tweet of hers, claiming that he had never invited her to a “threesome.”

His misplaced comment was a response to Ayala’s claim that another woman had shared the same story with her and the same experience with Dariani. Hours after this unfortunate exchange, Dariani tweeted again, announcing that he would be stepping down from the position of CEO effective immediately.

While this has satisfied some community members, it hasn’t answered the bigger question. Had Diani been making passes at women, threatening to tank their careers unless they were willing to extend certain intimacy towards him?

If so, Dariani should not only step down, he should suffer the consequences, which could be as crippling as having him personally blacklisted from the industry, which he once described as “relationship based.”

Some 50 clients had already walked away on OPG, out of a total of 73, sending a very clear sign that the video gaming community, as immature as it may seem at first blush, would always do right by its own and right the wrongs.

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