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Mixer’s Streamer Numbers Increase, Spectators Drop

  • Mixer total hours streamed hit 32.6 million in Q3, 2019
  • CCV for the platform falls to 2.7 from 8.92
  • Interest in Fortnite on Twitch lost 42% since Q2, 2018

Tyler Blevins’ new streaming home has seen significant improvement with total hours hitting 32.6 million. The platform’s streamer base has been growing at the expense of overall viewership. 

Mixer Sees Increase in Streamers Numbers 

Online gaming streaming platform Mixer has managed to surpass YouTube Gaming in terms of popularity, a Streamlabs and Newzoo report has revealed. According to the analyst companies, Mixer is now second only to Twitch. 

Not surprisingly, much of this spike in popularity is thanks to Tyler “Ninjas” Blevins’ decision to switch from Twitch to Mixer. Tyler’s manager and wife Jessica Blevins spoke to the Business Insider, revealing the reason for the switch

“Everything we were asking, it never came back reflecting our wishes — and that’s completely outside of finances.”

With the streamer’s shift to Mixer, Q3 looked much more promising, with the total hours streamed hitting 32.6 million from 11.3 million previously. More interestingly, the number of unique channels doubled, reaching 3.9 million compared to 1.95 million previously. 

Popularizing the platform and bringing more traffic has cost Mixer some overall loss in average concurrent viewers (CCV). The metric dropped from 8.92 to 2.7 in the second quarter. 

To reaffirm the feeling that Tyler brought with him an exodus of streamers, Mixer again came at the bottom of the table in terms of users. In Q3, viewership numbers fell to 90.2 million, a 10.6% decrease – yet watch time was up by 50%

However, Twitch hasn’t been worried about losing Tyler. Instead, the platform focused on the severe loss of unique channels. That specific metric fell by 33% compared to Q1. 

Scouting Out the Competition

The loss in unique channels can be attributed to Tyler nevertheless. Many streamers have decided that it’s time for a change. Meanwhile, other platforms have been trying to also claw away chunks of viewership from Twitch.

Facebook Gaming has been extremely popular in Southeast Asia (SEA). DLive and Caffeine are two other platforms that have claimed some users here and there. 

While Twitch was beleaguered at the top, YouTube Gaming had a strong Q3. Its total viewership kept steady at 675.9 million hours, although it dipped from 12.6 million to 11.1 million. 

Similarly, the number of unique channels sunk by 25% to 885,000. Facebook Gaming data is not featured in Streamlabs’ update. Yet, the company’s spokesperson and public relations manager, Ethan May, explained that the platform has been holding steady numbers as well.

Popular Games to Watch on Streaming Platforms in Q3

Esports or otherwise, the old familiar titles held the top spots on Twitch. League of Legends and Dota 2 were particularly active. With October featuring two major events for Dota 2, these numbers are unlikely to decline. 

Meanwhile, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite pulled off impressive numbers. However, Fortnite lost 24% viewership over the quarter. The number is, even more, worrying compared to the year-over-year results. In Q2, 2018, the game was 42% more popular on Twitch than it is now.


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