Legends of Runeterra official art from the Rising Tides expansion

Legends of Runeterra Launches with Cross-Platform Play Enabled

Following weeks of testing and Open Beta access to players from all over the world, Legends of Runeterra is finally out.

Legends of Runeterra Launches with Cross-Platform Play

After over a month of open beta, Legends of Runeterra has finally launched in full, bring a seventh region shortly before the official drop of the curtain and 120 new cards to give even the fussiest deck builder enough on their hands to keep busy.

Yesterday, we reported on the new archetypes involving the underwater creatures and pirates from Bilgewater. And today, the game is finally out, available for PC, Android and iOS, and more importantly – allowing cross-platform play.

Rising Tides, the split-second expansion to go live yesterday, is just the first extension to the base game to come. If you are worried that there might be too many cards to claim, you shouldn’t worry.

As our Beginner’s Legends of Runeterra Guide explained, you can collect around 75% of all cards at a moderate gameplay pace, adding a refreshing alternative to grinding or spending real money on this digital card game.  Speaking on the occasion, Jeff Jew, executive producer for the game, had this to say:

“We’re thrilled to officially launch Legends of Runeterra following our incredibly exciting Open Beta.”

Jew repeated some of the key features the team had worked to develop and offer players. They included rich deckbuilding, interactive gameplay, and amazing champion moments.

Legends of Runeterra has indeed done well in creating unique moves and animations for each champion. Jew didn’t miss to thank everyone who played the game during the past few months and provided feedback, helping the team launch a polished product.

How Much of an Esports Is Legends of Runeterra?

LoR has all the trappings of a competitive game, yet it doesn’t rattle sabers to pose as one. Just in its first hours of release, it’s easy to believe that Legends of Runeterra will quickly catch up to Hearthstone and Magic: The Arena – both in global acclaim as well as in esports potential.

If there is one thing, we have learned from Riot Games in April, that is the fact the company relies on an organic pace of growing their products. In other words, if the game appeals to the community, it will pick up. For now, viewership has been crazy, but LoR is more about playing than watching.

According to Esports Charts, Legends of Runeterra was watched 1.71 million hours in the 30 days through April 20. Still behind Magic: The Gathering, which clocked 6.59 million hours. Hearthstone still remains the most watch DGC through April 20 with 29.25 million hours watched.

Thumbnail image: Riot Games


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