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Jimmy Ho Accused of Sexual Misconduct, Dropped by Beyond the Summit

  • Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho has been accused of sexual misconduct
  • Beyond the Summit has responded by dropping him after the allegations became public
  • This is the second big blow to the Dota 2 community after previously TobiWan was accused of inappropriate behavior with female players and community members

After dropping TobiWan, Beyond the Summit has suspended Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho who has become the latest esports and gaming personality to have been accused, by several women, of sexual misconduct.

This is the second largest blow to the Dota 2 community after TobiWan, the man who has helped popularize the game and played essential role in the creation of community portals such as joinDota, was embroiled in one of the most embarrassing and outright disappointing scandals in esports.

Jimmy Ho will no longer take any part in the Beyond the Summit operations, with possibly all affiliated teams and organizations dropping him from the community completely.

Jimmy Demon Ho Crosses Boundaries with Female Community Members

Ho has a long history as a seasoned professional player with a multitude of esports outfits, including Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, and Fnatic, among others. The first person to bring up rumors of Ho’s misconduct was Twitch employee Eleine Sun, who said Ho assault her, by pulling her into a small room and demanding that she kissed him. Her account was shocking:

“He pulled me into a space which I recall being small, fairly dark, and secluded with a door just next to us–possibly a fire escape or area by the bathrooms. He had me enter this area with him, put his right arm on the door holding it closed, and told me to kiss him. When I dismissed it as usual and went to open the door to leave, he shoved the door back closed and pleaded again for me to kiss him.”

Another victim of Ho’s going by Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen related a similar story about a LAN event dating back to 2014. According to Chen, Ho had asked her with help in a private room, and then entrapped her there and starting to couch her.

The accident was broken off by employees who had walked into the room with Ho immediately discontinuing his advanced towards Chen. David “LD” Gorma, BTS co-owner, confirmed that following these allegations, Ho wouldn’t be part of the tournament in any capacity.

The allegations against established personalities continue. As allegations so far have turned out truthful and they are all genuine experiences of sexual misconduct with the accused personalities.

The good news is that the community is finally taking these individuals out. It’s sad to see such titans of the communtiy go, but it’s all for the better.

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