Infinity Ward's Call of Duty Modern Warfare soldiers advancing towards a target at dusk.

Infinity Ward to Pit Call of Duty: Warzone Cheaters Against Each Other

  • Infinity Ward to let suspected cheaters play against one another until exonerated or banned
  • Players will now get an update when a player they have reported has been banned
  • Infinity Ward will roll additional updates to curb cheating

Infinity Ward find a new way to deal with cheaters in Modern Warfare and Warzone and announce new measures, more resources and a better way to deal with game-ruining individuals.

Call of Duty Warzone Devs. Introduce New Anti-Cheating Measures

To each their own, Infinity Ward says in a new move designed to match suspected cheaters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Moving forward, individuals who are suspected of defying game physics with the help of third-party software will be thrown in match-ups against other suspected cheaters.

Infinity Ward is also rolling out another vigilante tool and will now send a report to a player when someone they have reported has been banned as confirmed cheater. Many other games already use this feature, thanking people for “helping improve the community.”

The move should also help curb panic that the number of Warzone cheaters is rising. Now, suspected cheaters will also get a taste of their own medicine, clashing in match-ups supposedly crawling with aim hackers and their ilk.

Naturally, as any game would have it, innocent players could be caught in the cross-fire. If Infinity Ward can’t find evidence of cheating, the player won’t have to face up game-ruining individuals.

Culling the Cheaters and Committing More Resources

The studio is applying more tweaks to make to bolster the overall level of protection. Improving security will be a two-pronged approach, dedicating more technical resource as well as staff, Infinity Ward says.

Hacking has proved a real issue in Warzone where players have felt pressure from unchecked cheaters. Infinity Ward, however, has been stepping up its efforts, suspending accounts with some 70,000 cheaters culled two weeks ago.

Infinity’s team is on the lookout to curb cheating as much as possible, although the issue is likely to remain an ever-present source of headache for the player community and developers.

Yet, with the correct attitude, tweaking, and not least – community effort, cheaters might just have it hard enough to realize that cheating is not as much fun after all.

Cheating Remains a Problem in Most FPS and Battle Royale Games

Cheaters have a type – free-to-play shooters seem to be that. From PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to Fortnite, to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, cheating seems to be an issue. Valorant, Riot Games’ upcoming fantasy shooter as has dubbed the game, is also the subject of some scrutiny.

Players have suspectedly identified an Aimbot player already. In the meantime, Riot has bolstered its efforts to improve Vanguard, the native anti-cheating system developed for Valorant.

Riot is even offering $100,000 as part of its HackerOne bounty program to individuals who discover weaknesses in the system.


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