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How Millenial Esports Gamers Will Save the European Army

  • EU military forces need young recruits
  • Army esports teams increase around the globe
  • Could Millennials save the Army doing what they love?

With the army forces thinning in the European Union, the military are turning to esports and video games to lure in young recruits.

Joined the Army Yet? A Broad Look at Europe’s Problem and America’s Example

Researcher Tomas Jevsejevas comments: “Contrary to belief, scientific research indicates that violent video games have little to no impact on violent activity in society“. Europe has faced many challenges in recent years, but there is one that keeps growing and will need prompt solutions.

The military forces of the European Union inevitably need a large number of young people joining. In the years to come, each EU country, and esports may be one of those ways.

While Europe is a bit of a laggard, America seems to have found a solution, “connecting America to its Army through the passion of the gaming community,” according to Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Jones.

Few countries in Europe keep an obligatory military service, mainly because of the questionable need and steep investment. In some countries, the lack of interest is due to less rewarding payment, missing social benefits and the non-flexible working conditions.

One solution that can be offered is for European countries to just hire foreigners in order to fill the blank spots in their army lines. While this idea is already accepted by a handful of EU members, it has also faced criticism. Each country’s army is known to have close relations to its population, thus giving soldiers the necessary incentive to defend their country.

The question if the ‘army for hire’ will indeed engage in a military situation when the threat is not their home country. One thing is for sure – no European country can allow the softening of the military requirement standard.

The Army around the World Turns to Esports

More and more studies show that besides entertainment, gaming can be beneficial by helping participants improve attention to detail, reasoning and logic and processing speed. Combining those factors with military training and you get the best candidate.

If we can appoint a pioneer in this field, it would be the United States Army. The army created their first esports team called USAE in November 2018. The team operates as a full time esports squad Members come from all army divisions: Artillery, Special Forces, IT, Military police and Infantry.

The British Army pursued a similar move back in 2019. Although members belonged to different divisions, they participated as a team in the Birmimgham’s Insomnia 64 Gaming Festival. This initiated the Royal Air Force (RAF) to create the Royal Air Force Video Gaming & eSports Association (RAF VGEA).

The Danish and the Dutch also have esports teams. Gamers prove that teamwork, strategy, adaptation and keeping cool under pressure are only part of the skillset that they own.

One may think that the sole purpose of the armed forces will be recruitment. It’s in fact  encouraging its own esports teams and looking for young people with a mindset towards games and high tech.

What is actually being achieved is that the armies of the world are showing an insight of the daily routine as well as benefits that can be expected from serving your country. But who knows? With tech improving all the time Millennial gamers might as well be the super soldiers of the future.

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