How Has Digitization Affected Sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks have been around us for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the advent of new technologies that the concept transformed radically. Digitization is converting data into a digital format that can be read via computer or smart device. Online gambling companies are gaining huge popularity because digitization and the evolution of technology have enabled them to speed up their operational process. Depositing, wagering and withdrawal processes that previously had to be done manually or at a time-consuming rate can now be carried out at lightspeed. The introduction of technologies like Virtual Reality and Blockchain is currently driving the massive growth of the industry. 

Talking about technological changes, the creation of the internet gave birth to the considerable advances that betting institutions currently enjoy. It allowed bettors to place wagers without any obligation to enter a sportsbook.

This opportunity gave wagerers the ability to pick their desired options from the comfort of their homes on new casino sites as alternative to sportsbooks. This is possible because betting companies are able to deliver an enhanced gaming and user experience by being more transparent.

Digitization has helped the industry get better in the following ways:

Cryptocurrency Betting

Cryptocurrency betting became possible with the unveiling of blockchain technology. Recently, crypto players have used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and etc., as a wager in placing bets. Many platforms are now incorporating crypto technology into their system. Using cryptocurrency for betting is a profitable venture for the players and the company as the transaction cost is always low when compared with other payment methods. Another vital advantage of this technology is that it guarantees the privacy of its users as they are not obliged to reveal their account records to the sportsbook. Players can make their deposits through several cryptocurrency wallets available on the market without sharing their card details. Many gamblers adore cryptocurrency because it helps them evade the numerous laws that guide gambling in their respective countries. Some countries and regions prohibit their citizens from gambling and empower the banking system to prosecute any player caught flouting the law. With the introduction of crypto betting, players in this category can wager without the fear of prosecution as their identities are protected.

Technologies for Better Gameplay

The Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) technology has been a blessing but sometimes raised questions about its importance in football. The onboarding of advanced technologies has been a triumphant improvement in the online betting industry. A technology like Virtual Reality (VR) has positively affected the industry. The importance of VR has already been felt among people who prefer to gamble on different types of games, such as a virtual football game that can be seen live using their headset. Lovers of fantasy games do love the concept of virtual reality as sportsbooks can organize virtual sports tournaments with extraordinary graphics and revised guidelines.

Another crucial thing of VR in sports betting is that it allows beginners to participate. For this reason, people who were previously hesitant to bet can do it more confidently. 

Live Streaming

Mobile applications have made live or in-play betting obtainable and become a crucial source of development for the industry.

Bettors now wager using mobile apps while watching sports in person, on television, or through an online subscription, but in these cases, the bookmakers are all fighting for bets throughout each game.


The creation of the internet transformed the sports gambling industry significantly. Since then, things have changed extensively and more people now have access to the sports betting world compared to sportsbooks. Therefore, digitization and technological advancement have positively affected and improved the sports betting industry.

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