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Garena Releases BOOYAH!, A Mobile Streaming Focused Platform

  • BOOYAH! is the latest mobile streaming service and app by Garena focused on Free Fire and other games
  • The app will host a number of esports events, including Scrim Wars for Free Fire with a monthly prize purse worth $6,000
  • Streamers can now earn real money thanks to the Streamer Program in BOOYAH!

BOOYAH! to you players. Popular virtual gaming network Garena has launched its own dedicated platform for gaming videos tailored to the mobile experience in India. BOOYAH!, as the app is testily called is already available in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iOS App Store and it can also be used as a web application.

BOOYAH! will bring the gaming community together, Garena said in a statement, shaping itself as a dedicated online hub for anyone who wants to create their own video and follow in the footsteps of admired streamers. Speaking of hubs, even Twitch re-imagine its front page to create a dedicated space for electronic sports.

India and Southeast Asia are generally quite fond of video streaming, perhaps more so than us in the west. In China, a new survey released by the government indicated that Chinese citizens were clocking more time watching esports than actual sports.

Users will also be allowed to benefit from a number of special events designed specifically to distribute some additional rewards to players.

What Are BOOYAH!’s Features?

So, what can BOOYAH! exactly do, you may wonder? Well, users are welcome to stream their own content similar to other established platforms, including Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming and of course – Twitch. There will be no extra costs players need to pick as well.

The platform is also a clever one, and it will generate automatic highlights from Free Fire, 111 Dots Studio’s survival shooter published by Garena. This seems like a neat synergy and Free Fire is already immensely popular in India.

Better yet, players will be able to share their highlights. To encourage a more social element to the experience, BOOYAH! will also connect streamers and host special rooms for the lot to play games together and stream their experience to spectators.

Don’t Miss out BOOYAH!’s Events

Since Friday, May 1, streamers can also earn real money as part of the Streamer Program introduced to the platform. This is a logical step in the consolidation of BOOYAH! as a viable streaming service product.

The platform will also be bringing two separate esports events online. The first one, Scrim Wars, will have as many as 48 teams competing in Free Fire for a total prize pool of $6,000 each month. Parts of the event will run every week.

The second event is the Streamers Battle, which will invite 12 of the country’s most popular streamers to square it out. If anything, the Indian esports community, and its streaming services providers, have definitely picked tricks from the west, and they are quickly adapting those best practices to the local market.

Previously, Facebook launched a dedicated mobile streaming app back in April, signaling the company’s focus on the mobile segment. Mobile gaming is no doubt big, and according to Newzoo, the segment accounts for 50% of the global gaming market.

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