Could Esports Betting Be Better Than Other Sports Betting?

Esports betting has been making waves in recent years. Bettors now love to bet on their favourite gamers in different games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, COD and CSGO. But despite the recent popularity of esports betting, it is nowhere near regular sports betting on football, basketball, rugby and other sports.

This article will discuss whether esports betting can be better than other sports betting. We will talk about the current betting options, markets and strategies gambling operators can employ to make betting on esports games even more inviting. With that said, let’s get started.

Gamers playing an esports game

More Games and Tournaments

Unlike regular sports betting, where you may find over 20 or 30 sports to bet on at a top bookmaker, esports betting options are pretty limited. The best Latvian gambling site that offers esports only has a couple of games for players to bet on. Besides, there isn’t much competition for these games, and the available markets are not as extensive as regular sports betting.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy attractive markets when you bet on esports at a top betting site. These include:

  • Map/Round Winner: Here, you can wager money on the player or team that will win a map round.
  • Totals Under/Over Maps: When you bet on this option, you predict that the total maps that will be played in a match will be under or over a value specified by the betting site. The type of bet is also available for the number of kills and points.
  • Handicap Betting: Bookmakers also offer handicap betting options for esports games. This is a positive or negative advantage that operators give a team to help level the match up. For instance, suppose a team is given a positive advantage of two points in an esports event, and you bet on it to win. Your bet will win even if the team loses by a point. This is because of the two points advantage.
  • First Blood: In shooter games like CS: GO, you can bet on which player will get the first kill.

More Bonuses

Bonuses are always a great way for betting sites to entice players to join them and place bets. While there are some impressive bonuses for Call of Duty and other esports, operators will need to offer even more bonuses for this form of betting to be better than other forms. Besides, the odds of the events may need to be improved with boosted odds available in some cases. Here are some of the common bonuses that some of the best esports betting platforms offer.

Welcome Bonuses

This is a bonus offered to new players when they join an esports gambling site for the first time. Depending on the operator, the bonus may be awarded as a deposit bonus, where a qualifying deposit is required, or a no deposit bonus that is completely free.

Free Bets

For this bonus, betting sites give players a percentage of the amount a player wager as a free bet in this bonus. For instance, a betting site may offer a 100% free bet of up to $100, but players will first need to place a real money wager.

Match/Reload Bonuses

This is also a common esports betting bonus. You will be awarded a certain percentage of the amount you deposited as free betting credits usable on your preferred events.

Other Innovations

Apart from developing more games and offering more esports events, tournaments and bonuses, some other aspects of esports gambling need innovation to make it even better. For instance, peer-to-peer wagering and live streaming can be improved, especially at esports betting sites that do not offer them. And with virtual reality making waves, it won’t be surprising to see esports betting integrate this technology and offer players a more immersive gambling experience.

Nevertheless, esports betting has a few problems presently. One such problem is live betting. Due to the nature of video games, it is not easy to establish strong in-game betting options. Operators find it difficult to manage live betting odds for esports, and bettors sometimes find it difficult to place their preferred in-play bets. Thus, advancements must be made to allow game developers and betting operators to offer better live betting options.

Esports Betting and Other Sports Betting Will Keep Growing

While esports betting will likely improve in the coming years, other sports betting will not phase out. We can expect newer innovations to make gambling more fun for bettors and a continuous shift from land-based gambling to online gambling. Presently, most operators that offer esports betting have other forms of gambling. Some even have an online casino section where players can play games like slots and blackjack. Such betting sites can improve their overall services to help esports betting grow.


With the current acceptance of esports betting and the rate at which bettors love to bet on esports games, we can expect this form of betting to keep getting better as time passes. But remember, the number of games needs to be increased to give players more options. Likewise, operators can introduce tournaments, bonuses, and other innovations to better bettors’ gambling experience.

Regardless, if you want to start betting on esports, choose a top bookie. Consider the licensing, odds, bonuses and other important factors.

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