Madden NFL 20's official game cover.

ESPN to Broadcast Madden NFL 20 Esports on April 26

ESPN continues to improve its coverage of esports by adding a five-hour broadcast of Madden NFL 20 for Sunday, April 26.

ESPN to Run Five-Hour Madden NFL 20 Broadcast on Weeked

Exciting announcement for the Madden NFL 20 Championship.

ESPN and EA Sports have agreed to make the tournament available on the ESPN app as well as ESPN2.

A five-hour broadcast of Madden as well as a three-hour Madden NFL20 Bowl Last Chance qualifier is planned to air on April 26 on ESPN. Furthermore, ESPN will broadcast the finals and semi-finals of Madden NFL 20 Bowl on May 16.

With many sports events being cancelled or postponed, the era of esports in ESPN is on the rise. Never before have we seen so many tournaments streaming, including FIFA, NBA 2K, F1, and possibly eNASCAR.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, EA has announced the company’s “Stay Home. Play Together.” This is the company’s response to reduce the virus spread and keep users playing together. The Madden NFL 20 Bowl is a part of this campaign and it features a prize of $200,000.

Senior Vice President and General Manager Todd Sitrin of EA games noted that this competition is the next best thing, considering that live sport events have been suspended due to the COVID-19. Mr. Sitirn has long hoped to help FIFA shape up as an esports.

He also noted that ESPN’s commitment will help keep sports fans and gamers connected and safe – at home.

Another recent event gathered esports fans on ESPN. Earlier this month the NBA 2K tournament came to an end. The tournament winner was Devin Booker.

Prize, set at $100,000 was to be donated to support the coronavirus relief efforts.  Early in April this year, ESPN aired a 12 hour programming block of mixed esports and highlights from 2019.

Among some of the famous titles was the NBA 2K Players tournament as well as the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix. Esports made its way to ESPN2 first in 2015 and has not stopped since.

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