Predator and Dallas Fuel partnership announced

Envy Gaming Expands to Acer Partnership Through Dallas Fuel

Envy Gaming has expanded its existing partnership with Taiwanese hardware and electronics corporation Acer, owner of the Predator gaming brand. This is a continuation of a previous partnership between Envy and Acer, this time focusing on the Overwatch franchise, Dallas Fuel.

The Dallas-based esports powerhouse is in charge of several franchises, including Dallas FuelOverwatch League, Dallas EmpireCall of Duty League, and Team Envy – Flashpoint. As per the partnership, the hardware manufacturer will deck out the organization’s gaming headquarters with state-of-the-art gear and equipment. Announcing the news on Twitter, both Dallas Fuel and Predator teased a Helios 300 giveaway.

Predator will supply Envy Gaming’s players with high-class gaming desktops, laptops, and monitors. Moving forward, Dallas Fuel will switch entirely to Acer products for their training sessions.

Previously, Predator, inked another partnership with Team Envy as the team’s official computer and monitor sponsor. In addition, the companies will continue working on content together. Predator branding will also be visible on Team Envy’s jerseys.

Predator and Envy Plan Developing More Venues

The companies are now discussing a future Predator Gaming Lounge in Envy’s headquarters for the purposes of hosting small local tournaments, broadcasting esports seminars and social events.

Predator is a recognized name across Southeast Asia (SEA) where the company sponsors several gaming events in Dota 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Speaking on the occasion, Envy Gaming COO and president, Geoff Moore said that he was proud of the renewed and growing partnership with Acer. He added that Envy Gaming staff and team members were confident they could rely on Acer’s gear to achieve the necessary level of quality gaming to perform best.

VP of Market at Acer America, Richard Black, welcomed the news in a similar vein. He noted that the Predator brand is established and known for its high-performance solutions fit perfectly for the needs of recreational and professional gamers.

According to Black, Team Envy is the perfect partner to represent the company globally. The present partnership has more of a tech vibe to it. Yet, the companies will work on the “Predator Training Room” series, as well as more content.

Team Envy maintains several high-profile partnerships at the moment. These include Monster Energy, CORSAIR, SCUF Gaming, Jack In The Box, and others.

Jack In The Box was the first jersey sponsor in the Overwatch League.

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