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DreamHack, The International and Fortnite World Cup Postponed

  • DreamHack slams the door shut on Summer, Dallas and Montreal events – the Winter festivals still happening
  • Epic Games cancels 2020 Fortnite World Cup and promises more online events down the road
  • Dota 2 postpones The International for 2021 and announces plans to reorganize the Dota Pro Circuit for the fall of 2020

Valve, Epic Games and DreamHack all announced cancellations of popular and anticipated events in 2020, moving most of them back to 2021.

A Domino Effect of Cancellations in Flagship Esports Events in 2020

In the past few weeks, esports was hailed as an alternative to professional sports with many sports leagues turning to electronic sports as the only viable option. Yet, one by one, the bastions of competitive video gaming have begun to fall.

In a spate of cancellations, three of the largest events this year have been pushed back for 2021. Cancelled events include DreamHack Summer, Dallas and Montreal. Valve published a post earlier today, May 1, that The International is being moved to a later date, most likely to 2021, and the Dota Pro Circuit will be restructured for the fall.

Not least, 2020 Fortnite World Cup has also been cancelled with all events shifting online as a result. Within 24 hours, more than three highly-anticipated esports events have been wiped off the map, even if temporarily.

DreamHack Summer, Dallas and Montreal Take a Raincheck

As explained, several DreamHack events have been cancelled until 2021, including DreamHack Summer, Dallas and Montreal. The gaming festival has a strong focus on esports, but it’s also an expo and an opportunity to network, have fun and just share one’s love for video games.

In an official tweet, DreamHack confirmed that the decision they had to make had been extremely difficult. While three events are off the map, DreamHack seems committed to continue with winter events, business as usual. The events expected between October and December are still on the calendar, including:

  • Rotterdam: October 16-18, 2020
  • Hyderabad: October 30- November 1, 2020
  • Atlanta: November 13-15, 2020
  • Winter: November 27-29, 2020
  • Madrid: December 11-13, 2020

DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open and DreamHack StarCraft II Masters will transition online, and other format changes may follow. DreamHack will also stream the newly-minted Northern League of Legends Championship from its home studio in Stockholm.

Fortnite World Cup – No Land-Based Events

Epic Games also cancelled the 2020 Fortnite World Cup. The company said it couldn’t be sure when it would be possible to return to a global, in-person events. While many events will transition online, the Fortnite World Cup cannot be one of them due to cross-region online limitations.

To fill the vacuum, Epic Games will still bring a number of events, including Fortnite Champion Series and Cash Cups. Epic will continue to work with third-party companies to help establish a good competitive dynamic throughout the year and bring enough events out for fans to partake in.

Players can participate in the upcoming Fortnite Invitational which will kick off on May 9 and offer $2 million in prize pool.

The International Comes to a Halt

One of the biggest upsets is the lack of The International event this year. It’s the Olympics of all video gaming events, on the condition that it only applies to Valve’s Dota 2. The official tweet succinctly said “an update on The International,” leaving a link to the official blog post.

Valve said that the company would seek to restructure the Dota Pro Circuit entirely for the fall, and explained that the company “didn’t expect to have enough confidence to communicate firm dates in future.

The International and Dota Pro Circuit depend on players travelling to various venues and attending events. Even in normal times, there have been issues with players’ visas.

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