Dota 2's official Battle Pass for the 2020 edition.

Dota 2 2020 Battle Pass Out, Raises $7m in 18 Hours

Dota 2’s The International Battle Pass is finally out for all regions and players can claim it. As per usual, the Battle Pass will contribute to the tournaments prize pool, the largest single-event prize pool to date in the esports world and a signature work of Valve Corporation and Dota 2. In fact, the Battle Pass has already accumulated the impressive $7,162,245 in prize money for the upcoming tournament within 18 hours of release.

Even though The International has been postponed until a yet undisclosed date in 2021 due to COVID-19, Valve has been able to keep players engaged. The Battle Pass is no exception to the company’s continuous commitment to the player base.

The Battle Pass comes with a range of features, exemplifying Valve’s desire to stay at the frontier of innovating the game and giving a boost the competitive community. With its darker and less friendly in-game environment, Dota 2 has had to stave off competition from the likes of League of Legends and for a brief while, Heroes of the Storm.

Dota 2 has seen a generous array of new features, from the inclusion of Guilds to the arrival of the Battle Gauntlet, a new Bounty Killing quest and some changes to the in-game wagering. Even though The International may have been postponed, there are plenty of features to keep even the fussiest Dota 2 occupied.

Welcome the Guilds

Valve is adding an emphasis on the community by introducing the Guilds feature. As a result, players will be able to host small communities, or guilds, and play with like-minded and similarly skilled players, able to queue with friends and guildmates, and nurturing a healthier gaming environment.

Playing will level up the guild with every member of the guild benefiting. There will be a number of things to do, such as Daily Contracts, Guild Challenges and various other rewards and incentives, such as Battle Pass bonuses, Guild Banners upgrades and more.

While anyone can join, however, it’s worth noting that only Battle Pass owners may create guilds.

Bounty Killing: Smoke Them Out!

The game will now feature a Bounty Killing quest. Bounties can be placed on enemy heroes and upon killing the enemy with a special bounty token over their head, the player will receive 200 Battle Points, adding another exciting aspect to the main game.

The Battle Gauntlet

The Battle Gauntlet comes with the introduction of the Battle Pass. For those who have purchased the Battle Pass, they will now have the opportunity to try and seal three victories before losing twice. Should they succeed, they will be granted prizes such as 1,500 Battle Points, a Battle Tier upgrade, and more.

More features are available as part of the new Battle Pass and they are all worthwhile.

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