Clash Royale Clan Wars 2.0 Update Announced, Reportedly for August

Supercell has revealed the latesat addition for their popular mobile esports game, Clash Royale. In Clan Wars 2.0, players will engage in Clan Boat Battles and compete in Clan Wars Leagues.

Clan Wars 2.0 En Route with a Host of Features

They suggestively call it the most anticipated game update so far. Clash Royale Clan Wars 2.0 is one of the most significant improvements the game has seen so far with Supercell pushing for a big upgrade of their current meta.

Mobile gaming blockbuster Clash Royale will enjoy the Clan Wars 2.0 update that completely changes the gameplay dynamic with the introduction of distinct gaming modes and features, including:

  • Duels
  • PvE Boat Battles
  • Clan War Leagues

The game will transition to a version which is less dependent on other people being online, allowing players to experience a Player versus Environment (PvE) setting and still advance their clan’s reputation. The game is expected to arrive with Season 14 around August 6, but no official confirmation has been given.

Plunder, Pillage and Ride the High Seas

The highlight of the update is clearly the introduction of the Clan Boat that will allow players to accumulate points, develop their clan and make it through the finishing line first.

Boast in Clash Royale: Clan Wars 2.0
The Clan Boats compete in Clash Royale Clan Wars 2.0. Image: Supercell

The goal of Clan Wars 2.0 is simple enough: accrue the most points by dueling other players and racing down a river, which serves as the game’s PvE setting. Clan Wars 2.0 is introducing three new specific additions to the game.

  • Clan Boats – The Clan Boast is your “floating chest” where a lot of the battles will take place as you try to stave off opponents’ attacks and launch your own forays against enemies.
  • Clan Boat Battles – You take your own Clan Boat for a quick inroad against the enemies’ boats. Your attack and defense strengths will depend on how well individual members did in the previously-mentioned duels phase.
  • Clan Boat Battles – The winning condition is simple enough. All you need to do is get your Clan Boat through the finishing line first.

This new gameplay will allow clan members to battle against other clans as part of the same groups. In Clan Wars 1.0, for example, players got drafted from the Legendary pool instead, jumbling up the contesters a fair bit.

Thanks to the PvE setting, though, this is no longer necessary, community manager Drew said in the update.

Time for a Duel and the Clan Wars Leagues

Duels have been described as the “most epic battles” in the upcoming Clan Wars 2.0 and Clash Royale as a whole. During the Duels stage, you will be able to pre-craft four decks and establish different winning conditions.

Clash Royale's Clan Wars 2.0 leagues
The Clan War Leagues format. Image: Supercell

How much points your clan gains will depend on how well all members as a whole do. That further allows for every player, regardless of their rank to contribute. Last but not least, you have the Clan Wars League, which will expedite the whole leveling process for clans who are hell-bent on winning.

Image credit: Supercell

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