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Capcom Withdraws from Evo Online Following Cuellar Sexual Allegations

  • Capcom has become the latest prominent company in the Fighting Games Community (FGC) to withdraw from Evo Online
  • Casters and players withdraw en masse after Joey Cuellar’s reports of sexual misconduct with young boys surfaced
  • Cuellar would pay young players $20-$40 for different requests from seeing specific body parts to asking them to jump in a swimming pool

Capcom has withdrawn from Evo Online after the tournament’s president has been allegedly asking young players to “perform tricks” for him of explicit nature.

Cuellar Allegations Prompt Many Community Members and Capcom to Withdraw from Evo Online

Capcom has withdrawn its participation in Evo Online after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Evo President Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar. Capcom is the second big entity to pull out of the event after NetherRealm Studios withdrew their flagship title, Mortal Kombat 11, even though registrations have been finalized.

With two of the biggest company pulling out from the event, some have spelled doom for the Fighting Games Community (FGC). Twitter user Charles Lucero has argued that Cuellar very possibly dealt a final blow to the genre, shutting down competitive opportunities.

Yet, despite the toxicity and precariousness that have plagued FGC, there will be those to pick up the slack. In the meantime, however, players won’t see none of the big titles, including Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Invitational which have been both scrapped.

Capcom was also planning another small expo within Evo Online’s format, but details haven’t been released and in light of recent developments, they are not very likely to surface at all. The company said that the decision felt as the most appropriate course of action out of respect to affected parties.

Cuellar Offered Money to Underage Gamers to Do Things

Capcom further apologized to players and fans who were looking forward the tournament. That is understandable. Evo Online is the biggest showdown the FGC has lined up and suspending it is tantamount to gutting the community.

If the allegations against Cuellar turn out to be true, then they are particularly disturbing. Crackpr0n, a competitive FGC player, claimed that back in 2001, when he was 17, Cuellar “challenged him to a bet” that the size of his penis was not even close to “above average” for an Asian boy of his age. Cuellar later said that he would pay Crackpr0n $20 to “see for himself. “

Cuellar also disbursed tokens to teenage boys who were willing to jump in the pool wearing their shorts. Crackpr0n said that the he and his fellow players had to stay in their shorts and in the swimming pool for around 10 minutes before receiving 100-200 tokens, which were worth around $20-$40 at the time.

The aftermath of the revelations has been swift with a number of personalities withdrawing from the community, including James Chen, UltraDavid and Sajam.

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