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Call of Duty: Warzone Bounties Go Poof! Most Wanted Contracts Roll In

  • Removing bounties from Call of Duty: Warzone has upset some players
  • The new Most Wanted contract slows down the game and might interfere with the cash flow
  • MerK and Tyler Polchow were among the players and CoD personalities to chime in and voice their skepticism about the new measure

Infinity Ward has done a quick re-imagining of the existing Call of Duty: Warzone bounties, replacing them with a new Most Wanted contract instead that will slow down the game, players have said.

Gone Are the Bounties – Enter the Most Wanted Contracts

Call of Duty: Warzone has had a few falling outs with the community, but it has always found its footing back, and mended fends. A massive cheer came when Infinity Ward announced it would let suspected cheaters get a taste of their own mischief by pitting such seedy individuals against each other.

However, the latest patch notes now suggest that Infinity Ward has pulled the triggered on the wrong game feature – the bounties. Put simply, bounties are a price on your head, and then you have to make sure to survive while a whole lot of folk are trying to gun you down.

But this doesn’t have to be a solo joy ride either. You can group up with your mates, and then, once a bounty is posted on your heads, you have to find a good location, post up, and defend yourself until time runs out.

Not that it would stop people from trying to kill you afterwards, but it’s still quite fun and adds a new layer of challenge to the whole gameplay.

Sounds fun – and it is, and removing the bounties from the game is a “very, very bad decision,” said Tyler Polchow, a CoD personality. Bounties are fun – they give you an additional purpose – other than don’t bite a bullet.

The Community Is Not Quite Happy with the Decision

Quite a few players actually backed Polchow and shared their disappointment with the decision. Joe DeLuca, another pro, said that replacement feature – Most Wanted – wasn’t going to be as popular.

He also said that the bounties helped with the economy and speed up the mid-game instead of having everyone bunker down and play cat-and-mouse. Ninja, the Fortnite/Apex Legends player and streamer, and esports personality, also said that the bounties had felt balanced to him – they commanded a high risk, but offered a high reward in return.

The new Most Wanted contract could have the opposite effect to the “original bounties.” In other words, instead of speeding up the game, games might actually slowdown, which could still be fun, but it does seem that already too many battle royale games are about bidding your time or shooting down players from afar.

An event that forces your hand into engaging with the enemy – understand everyone around you – was actually fun. With Infinity dropping a few funky moves in the latest patch, the game has had a decent start in China, where t’s one of the most-streamed titles.

Interesting if the lack of bounties is going to change that.

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