Gaules, a famed Twitch streamer in Brazil

Brazilian Streamer Gaules 2nd Most-Watched Twitch Channel for H1, 2020

  • A Brazilian CS:GO caster has become the second-most watched streamer for the first half-year in 2020
  • Alexandre “Gaules” Borba casts professional CS:GO games, drawing bigger crowds than official tournament streams
  • His success lies in the dormant potential of the Brazilian esports scene which is growing rapidly

In the first six months, Brazilian streamer Alexandre “Gaules” Borba was the second most-watched channel on Twitch.

Gaules Becomes the Second-Most Watched Twitch Channel

Brazilian caster Alexandre “Gaules” Borba has become the second most watched channel on Twitch in the first half year, emphasizing on the country’s immense esports potential. Many companies have been able to appreciate the dormant potential of Brazilian esports, and among them Ubisoft with Rainbow Siege, Riot Games with Valorant and League of Legends and even Blizzard with the Overwatch League being broadcast in Portuguese.

Now, Alexandre Borba has risen to prominence carried by the immense interest he has garnered, covering professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). While CS:GO is hardly the most populous competitive game, it certainly has one of the most dedicated communities that has transcended generations.

Brazil Has a Long CS:GO Tradition

The game has also been instrumental in establishing Brazil as an esports nation in the world. Teams such as MIBR and FURIA have been reason for Brazilian to feel proud of their footprint in what’s one of the world’s best developed esports.

With Borba doing professional casting out of love, he has certainly benefited from the immense interest in the game. During the BLAST Pro Series finals between Evil Geniuses and MIBR, the stream attracted 393,000 viewers whereas the official stream for BLAST only clocked 62,000 viewers.

Gaules channels has become the second most watched channel exemplifying how streamers can rise to prominence tapping in the right niche and consistently delivering good product. The results were clocked by Esports Charts, a platform dedicated to observing tournament metrics and streaming interest.

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