BMW signs five esports teams in a new bid to push forward esports.

BMW Signs Partnerships with Five Esports Teams

  • T1, Fnatic, FunPlus, Phoenix and G2 Esports added to BMW’s list of partnerships
  • The automaker will seek new social media activations, content creation and products
  • BMW is already dominating the world of simulated racing and considers esports an important aspect of the company’s further development

German carmaker BMW will seek new opportunities to create products, social media activations, and content with the global esports elite in a bid to market to a young demographic.

BMW Adds Five Esports Teams in a Global Awareness Push

To BMW, esports is never just video games. The German automotive giant’s partnership with five established esports organizations is a confirmation.

Moving forward, BMW will work with T1, Fnatic, FunPlus, Phoenix and G2 Esports. This comes on top of an existing partnership with Cloud9, signed back in 2019.

The car manufacturer will focus on boosting social media presence through activations as well as jersey sponsorship and technology transfer. The company will further land esports organizations the technical in-house know-how of BMW’s engineers and designers.

BMW already has an established footprint in North America, England, China and Germany. Or, put another way – all markets where the esports community is well-developed.

Addressing the latest developments in a press release, BMW SVP Consumer and Brand, Jens Thiemer, expressed the company’s desire to land innovation skills to help shape esports as an ecosystem.

BMW Dominates the Esports Racing World Unapologetically

Thiemer called BMW’s forays into esports an important milestone. He said that the company considered it a promising vertical for future marketing activities. BMW’s dedication to the segment has been evident by how the automaker performs in simulated races.

Recently, Rudolf Dittrich, General Manager for MBW’s Motorsport Vehicle Development, said that the company took esports and simulated races very seriously. The “same as any other discipline in motor racing,” he noted.

This became apparent during the IMSA iRacing Pro Series with BMW driver Bruno Spengler having no issue dominating the IMSA Sebring SuperSaturday.

The race led driver Nicky Catsburg to comment that “BMW has been upping its game when it comes to sim racing.” Clearly, the team has been hard at it.

Commenting on these developments, T1 CEO, Joe Marsh, shared his excitement about having had the opportunity to team up with BMW alongside the “global elite” in esports. Marsh said that the company can’t wait to create products, content and programs with BMW.

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