1,600 FIFA Players’ Data Leaks During EA Tournament Registration

  • 1,600 FIFA players had their data leaked in an EA’s blunder
  • EA issued an apology about the oversight on October 4
  • The community criticizes the company for compromising players’ data

Estimated 1,600 FIFA 20 players have become a victim of data leak after EA let the full personal information of registering players be access through the registration page.

EA Data Leak Affects 1,600 People

Players have revealed that gaming company EA has leaked personal information about 1,600 players. All players have registered for the FIFA 20 Global Series. FIFA players George Hughes and Kurt Fenech expressed their concerns on social media. Upon registering for the tournament, they could both see other players’ information on the registration screen, as the page asked them to verify the authenticity of the data.

Jimmy ‘Jrexx’ Brennan, another FIFA player, confirmed that EA leaked his personal data. Brennan described the situation as ‘shambles’.

The information leaked by EA may be more than a battle tag and the account name of the players. According to media reports, the leak includes emails, personal IDs, birthdates, alongside country of residence.

Responding to the concerns of players, EA hurried up to post an answer on Twitter, and took down the tournament registration page:

“We’re aware of a potential issue affecting the registration page for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series that went live earlier today. We take these matters seriously, and we immediately took down the page while we investigate the matter. We’ll share updates as soon as possible.”

EA Addresses the Data Leak on October 4

The company followed up on this message on Friday, October 4, with EA addressing the leak in full. The official statement read:

“At approximately 1 p.m. UK Time, we announced the registration portal page for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series. Shortly after, we learned that some players trying to register were seeing the information of other players who had already signed-up through the registration page. We immediately took action to shut down the site by 1:30 p.m. UK Time. We were able to root cause the issue and implement a fix to be clear that information is protected. We’re confident that players will not see the same issue going forward.

“We’ve determined that approximately 1,600 players were potentially affected by this issue, and we are taking steps to contact those competitors with more details and protect their EA accounts. Player privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us, and we deeply apologize that our players encountered this issue today.

“Registration will re-open in the coming days, and we will notify the community on the @EASPORTSFIFA and @EAFIFAesports Twitter handles when it’s live.”

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